The Peer Review Process

When a paper arrives at a journal editorial office a few things can happen:

  • Editor reviews paper herself/himself.
  • Editor assigns to two Associate Editors (AEs Act as a Peer Reviewers)
  • What to look for?

    1)Appropriateness for the journal

  • Is the topic relevant to the journal?
  • Is the topic timely?
  • Is the topic significant?
  • Is the study unique? If so, How?

  • 2)What type of paper/research is it?

    If research, how is it structured?

  • Randomized, controlled, blinded Meta-analysis?
  • Retrospective?
  • Case series or single case

  • Editor/AEs (Peer Reviewers) look for:

    1)Did the author follow the instructions of the journal?

  • Correct Number of Authors?
  • Conflict of Interest/Disclosure Statement?
  • Copyright release signed?
  • Informed consent (if applicable)/Ethics considerations

  • 2)Is the article format correct?

  • Structured abstract?
  • Correct article format (Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Refs?)
  • Are References in correct format?

  • AEs (Peer Reviewers) look for:

    1)Are the technical aspects correct?

  • Research Structure: Correctly described and performed?
  • Statistics: Correct analysis?, Accurate interpretation?, Clear presentation?

  • Editor/AEs (Peer Reviewers) look for:

    1)Technical aspects, continued Tables and Figures:

  • Accurate and clear structure, presentation, and presentation?
  • Do the numbers add up?
  • Are the data consistent with the body of the paper?

  • 2)Abstract & Body of paper:

  • Do number of patients, other data match?
  • Conclusions consistent?

  • Paper Rejection:
  • Most journals accept 30% or less

  • Review Process Flow Chart

    We have enclosed the Peer review process flow chart for public reference. Click Here for Download

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