Instructions for authors

Online submission system makes the process of publishing research in Journal of Management and Science-JMS is simple and efficient. To help, there is a author instructions guide shown in the below test to know the key aspects of the online submission process, including tips and advice, plus links out to additional pages for more information.

Author instructions guide
Online submission | Manuscript preparation | Table/figure preparation | Submitting your article

Online submission

JMS use E-Mail submission. The submission process is only through email which is compatible to read by Editors and Reviewers.

Files can be submitted as a batch, or one by one. The email submission process can be submitted at any time: when authors submitted the paper, they can get response from the JMS Office.

Manuscript preparation

The following word processor file formats are acceptable for the main manuscript document in JMS:

  • Microsoft word (DOC, DOCX)
  • Rich text format (RTF)
  • TeX/LaTeX

Please submit your articles

Please note that figures and additional files must be submitted along with main manuscript file. See the Manuscript Format Reference for preparing the article.

Figure/Table preparation

Each figure or table should be submitted along with main manuscript file. If a figure or table consists of article parts, it is submitted and mark it as reference part in the interpretation of the article. So, that readers can correlate for their new research.

Submitting your article

When a manuscript is ready to be submitted please sent email attachment to the editor for the review process.

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