About Journal

Journal of Management and Science-JMS is an international, free-access, printed / online quarterly journal published in English. The aim of JMS is to publish original articles and review papers without delay in all fields of Management and Science.

In addition, special issues of JMS may be dedicated to publish all or selected papers presented at international conferences or seminars. It provides rapid publications and a forum for academics, scholars and advanced level students to exchange significant information and productive ideas. JMS make every effort to keep a record of the up to date research and to promote study, research and improvement within its various specialties.

This journal is published quarterly. Papers published in JMS take a logical approach to knowledge, perception, teaching, and learning. Professionals, researchers, academics, and prospectus designers are the predictable listeners of JMS.

Journal Aim & Scope

Journal of Management and Science-JMS publish both practical and theoretical issues. The scope of the journal covers research articles, original research reports, reviews, short communications and scientific commentaries in all the areas of Management and Science. Multidisciplinary types of articles are also encouraged in the JMS which bring together articles from multiple technical backgrounds. All articles published in JMS are peer-reviewed. The decision of the Editor-in-Chief to publish a paper in concurrence with referee(s) opinion is considered final.

Publication Charges Waiver Policy

All articles published in Journal of Management and Science-JMS are open access. Open Access publishing implies that all readers, anywhere in the world, are allowed unrestricted access to full text of articles, immediately on publication in Journal of Management and Science-JMS. No payment is collected from the publishing authors and readers for accessing and using the articles.

Digital archive

Journal of Management and Science-JMS is committed to the permanent availability and preservation of scholarly research and to ensure accessibility by converting and upgrading digital file formats to comply with new technology standards. We work in partnership with organizations as well as maintaining our own digital archive.

National library (Ministry of Culture, Government of India): The "e-Directory of Online Journal" is managed by the National Library of the India and mentioned in the hard copy of journal content. The archive is available offine access and JMS were unable to provide access for this since this archive is managed by Government of India.

Policy of screening for plagiarism

Research articles submitted to Journal of Management and Science-JMS will be screened for plagiarism using iThenticate, Duplicate text & Plagscan plagiarism detection tools. Apart from that we check with Copyscan for plagiarism. Once JMS identify the plagiarism, JMS will immediately reject research articles.
Authors can adhere to the following steps to report plagiarism:

1.Inform the editor of the journal where a plagiarized article is published.
2.Send original and plagiarized articles with plagiarized part highlighted.
3.If evidence of plagiarism is convincing, editor should arrange for a disciplinary meeting.
4.Editor of the journal where the plagiarized article should communicate with the editor of the journal containing the original article to rectify the matter.
5.The plagiarist should be asked to provide an explanation.
6.In case of nonresponse in the stipulated time or an unsatisfactory explanation, the article should be permanently retracted.
7.Author should be blacklisted and debarred for submitted an article to a particular journal for at least 5 years.
8.The concerned head of the institution has to be notified.

Plagiarism could be detected using Google search engine or one of two programs; iThenticate or Copyscan or Plagscan.

Open Access Statement

Journal of Management and Science(JMS) is loyal to open access for academic work. All the original research articles and review papers published in this journal are free to access immediately from the date of publication. We donít charge any fees for any authors and readers to download articles and reviews for their own scholarly use. The JMS also operates under the Creative Commons Licence CC-BY-NC-ND (Note:Licence link has been mentioned in the bottom of the page). This allows for the reproduction of articles, free of charge, for non-commercial use only and with the appropriate citation information. All authors publishing with the JMS accept these as the terms of publication.

Copyright Policy

Journal of Management and Science(JMS) are published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-NoDerivs license. Authors retain the copyright to their work. Users may read, copy and distribute the work in any medium or format for non-commercial purposes, provided the authors and the journal are appropriately credited. The users are not allowed to remix, transform or build upon the published material. JMS Approved research articles, authors should sign the copyright form for availability of journal open access.

Copyright without Restriction:The JMS allows the author(s) to hold the copyright without restrictions and will retain publishing rights without restrictions. The submitted papers are assumed to contain no proprietary material unprotected by patent or patent application; responsibility for technical content and for protection of proprietary material rests solely with the author(s) and their organizations and is not the responsibility of the JMS or its Editorial board members. The main (first/corresponding) author is responsible for ensuring that the article has been seen and approved by all the other authors. It is the responsibility of the author to obtain all necessary copyright release permissions for the use of any copyrighted materials in the manuscript prior to the submission.


Our journal has indexed by UGC, INDO-OIC-ICCI, QF, Cabell's Directory, EBSCO Publishing Database & Partnership with International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum(INPPRF).